is Statton island inhabited?

Excuse me for my ignorance but i was just a having a little discussion with my family about statton island? Now we are not sure whether it is inhabited or not? If it isnt why, and what do they use it for?? I did work sailing out of statton island to Bermuda in 2001 but dont remember anything bieng there?
any conclusions to this silly question would be grateful!!!

sorry i didnt sail out of Statton island i sailed out of NY city!!! if i did i wouldnt of needed an answer!

You’re not referring to Staten Island, New York, USA, are you? Because that is most definitely populated.

Staten Island has about half a million people living on it.

Staten Island is one of the five boroughs of New York City, so you could have sailed out of both Staten Island and New York City. In case you’re interested, here’s the borough’s webpage.

Richmond is one of the five burroughs of New York City. It is located on Staten Island, and people generally refer to the burrough as “Staten Island” as a result.

The other, better-known, burroughs are Manhatten, Queens, Brooklyn and The Bronx.

Some years back Harry Morgan and Lois Nettleton starred in a not-very-good situation comedy called You Can’t Take It With You, which was a tepid adaptation of the famous Kaufman and Hart play. In the series the family lived in a big house on Staten Island. In the original play they lived in Harlem, but there had been some changes in the neighborhood between the 1930s and the 1990s.

Sorry, Wrong Number comes to mind as an example of a well-known film in which a significant part of the action is set on Staten Island.

Sorry, that should be “borough”. :smack:

Interestingly, there are 200 hits for “statton island” on Google. As far as I can tell, they’re all misspellings of ‘Staten Island.’ (I searched just in case there really was a ‘statton island’ and the OP was a trick question).

The real Staten Island got about two and half million hits.


It’s possible that you didn’t sail out of Staten Island. As far as I know, the only public port facility in Staten Island is the Howland Hook Container shipping facility However, for a more definitive answer you might browse the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey website. There are several other public and private port facilities in and around New York with the word ‘island’ in them. I don’t know which ones handle passengers.

Slipster, my friend, may I slip in a small correction to your post?

The borough (and geographic) name is “Staten Island.” The county name is “Richmond.”

For the record, the borough and county are co-terminous, but that does not mean that they are the same thing; boroughs are city designations and counties are state designations.

Borough and county both used to be called “Richmond” until, oh, the early 1980’s, if my memory is correct. Someone figured it was rediculous to call it by a name that drew stares of bewilderment everywhere outside a courthouse, and they changed the borough name to the commonly used geographic designation “Staten Island.”

stuyguy is correct (as usual) about the important borough/county distinction. For reference, the other ones with differing names are Manhattan/New York County, and Brooklyn/Kings County.

Ok, it’s inhabited. But is it inhabitable?

Well, I’ve found many neighborhoods on Staten Island to be quite lovely. But I wouldn’t wanna live there. Much of it is quite suburban, despite being part of the City.