Is Stephanie Mills leaving L&O SVU? (Spoilers, maybe)

I watched the episode last night, and Stephanie Mills as Alex Cabot, the ADA, got mixed up in a Columbian drug lord case. At one point, the cops taped the bad guys discussing how to get rid of Alex. They knew her address and even where her mom lived.

Alex had a police escort, but after the CI was killed, the case had to be dropped.

As they’re leaving the court house, Alex is shot in a drive by shooting. It didn’t look too serious, since it seemed she was just shot in the shoulder, but later scenes showed a newspaper headline with “No leads in Slain ADA case.”

Then, Benson and Stabler meet the FBI at a deserted location, and there’s Alex, arm in a sling, about to go into witness protection until the Columbian drug lord can be expedited.

Any word on if Mills is leaving the show, and who her replacement might be?

First of all, her name is Stephanie March. :slight_smile:
Yeah, I heard a week or so that she was leaving. I was never a big fan of hers. The article I read (I’m pretty sure it was on the entertainment news page of my newspaper, although maybe it was in “Parade”) said who was replacing her, but I didn’t know who he or she was.

Thanks. I knew it was Stephanie something. Any word on why she’s leaving?

I found the bet-hedging with that last twist a bit much to take.

[spoiler]I would have been much more satisfied if her last line before being permanently written out stayed “I’m sorry I was such a buzzkill.”

It just seemed right, somehow.[/spoiler]