Is suicide a fundimental right?

Well whaddya know…

I guess I should say that while massive human attrition due to self-slaughter was not the focus of concern, it does seem our present suicide laws (where they exist) have their roots in Christian doctrine.

Like the OP said: Righ to life. You’re in charge. If anyone wants to tell you otherwise, they can suck it. Why do people have such a hard time wirth the fact that they are the boss of only one person. The other six billion are outside their sphere.

“Seems rather risky to make such a broadly sweeping statement without knowing anything about the particulars of the folks and circumstances you’re dismissing.”

Im a psychologist. So I do have some idea of the general scenarios and direct experience with people in suicidal states, including people who subsequently died.

I used to think it was a fairly important ‘right’ as well, I only changed my mind after seeing how it generally works out in practise.