Is sulphur in shellfish?

Hi everyone,

I just read somewhere that sulphur (not quite sure if I spelled it right, I was given this once for a bladder infection) is in shellfish.

I am severely allergic to sulphur, I ended up in intensive care one time. I was hoping someone could tell me if it is in shellfish and if so would it be the same kind of sulphur that I took for a bladder infection.

I have ate shellf fish since my reaction, which was about 10 years ago with no problem.

Thank you for any infromation


I suspect you are thinking of sulfa, not sulphur. Lots of peple have allergies to sulfa drugs. The chemical element sulphur, also spelled sulfur, is not very allegenic by itself. Sulfites, solfonamides (sulfa), sulfites, and some other sulfur containing compounds can cause allergic reactions. However the sulfur containing amino acids, cysteine and methionine, are essential to life. Shellfish do contain these amino acids, but not generally sulfur, sulfites etc.
I hope Qadgop will correct me if I’m wrong, but I think sulfur itself hasn’t been used as a wound treatment since before WWII.

Sulfa is a chemical compound, frequently used to treat infections, especially bladder infections. You are allergic to the compound, not to sulpher itself, which is necessary for life. Many people are allergic to sulfa. I know of no foodstuffs that contain sulfa. So you shouldn’t fear food allergies as a result of your sulfa allergy.

You should be careful taking sulfonylureas, like glipizide, to treat diabetes, however. There is cross-reactivity.