Is Superman a Republican?

I just picked up Kurt Busiek’s new JLA/Avengers crossover, and one of the interesting aspects is the interaction between Superman and Captain America. You might expect these two champions of Baseball and Mom’s apple pie to be very simpatico, but upon reflection there are significant differences in their personalities. Captain America is a Depression era New York city kid. Supes is a Midwestern farm boy. Now Cap’s background (IMHO) would seem to put him solidly in the Roosevelt New Deal old school Democrat camp. But what about Superman? Any thoughts?

ps. Feel free to speculate on other comic book citizens and their leanings.

If he is, he’s a Log Cabin Republican. Mary, those tights!

Wolverine’s definitely a Libertarian (if I understand Libertarianism rightly).

And Batman? Commie!

As presented today, I think Superman’s political persuasion is open to debate. However, as originally presented he was certainly a Democrat, maybe even a socialist. He crusaded for equal rights, he fought against graft and he busted corrupt businesses that endangered their workers. He was exactly the type of power fantasy that one would expect from a couple of working-class jewish kids.


Superman is what a compassionate conservative should be but never is. :smiley:

C’mon. Would any real Republican make an arch-nemesis out of an evil business tycoon? :wink:

Batman’s not a commie, he’s a facist. He’s a control freak that doesn’t trust anyone but himself and his hand-picked minions to get the job done. See Kingdom Come, where Bruce rules over Gotham with an army of Bat-Robots.

He’s prepared to make it work, however.

Superman is a pretty perfect moderate. Voting one way, then the other, varying with the candidate. Next election, he’s teaming with whomever he feels has the best chance of outsing Lex, that’s for sure.

Swamp Thing votes Green. Of that much we can be certain.

I was joking.

Superman became President during one imaginary story and it seemed fairly clear (though they never said directly) that he ran as a Democrat. His programs seemed pretty New Deal influenced and he even referenced FDR extensively during speeches.

So Batman can make fascism work… if he’s prepared?

I was kind of leaning towards Superman being a Democrat, based on his 1930’s origins/creators. However, I do like Exapno Mapcase’s idea that Supes could be the model for a compassionate conservative (which I would argue is really a definition outside of Democrat/Republican).

Batman, I’ve got no real clue. If I had to I’d peg him as a Old Money New England type liberal. Except very tough on crime. Very. Although he does believe in rehabilitation (how many times can you send the Joker to Arkham anyway?)

In the old Green Lantern/Green Arrow series, I know they were supposed to be opposing ends of the spectrum. Does that mean GL is a conservative Republican, or just that Ollie was so far left, anybody would be opposed to some degree?

Superman is an illegal alien. Naturally, he’s a Democrat.

Au contraire. He was born in Kansas after his artificial womb/starship landed. Therefore he’s a naturalized citizen.

I think he’s a moderate democrat myself.

Sorry for the sidetrack, but I thought this was about Joe Scarborough’s recent selection in glasses. More like Clark Kent, though . . . :wink:

:eek: In what ridiculous ret-con was this monstrosity done? :eek:

Blue suit, power red accoutrements… Republican.

Ah, but Clark Kent is a democrat, working for the liberal media and all.

In the same story I mentioned above, the Supreme Court ruled that Superman was born in the USA, thus eligible to become President.

I have gotten the feeling that Supes is quit the bleeding heart, but I like that idea about him being the ideal Compassionate Conservative, that being one who can shoot death rays out of his eyeballs.

Superman stands for Truth, Justice, and the American way. By tradition, the last one precludes voting. Anymore, so do the other two. Superman doesn’t vote, and likely isn’t even registered; dodging jury duty is also the American way.

Batman is basically an old-fashioned monarchist, with himself in the role of monarch (“Gotham is MY city, punk!”).

Superman probably considers himself outside of political boundaries, seeing himself as a humanitarian. He wants to help people, and he wants the whole world to be bright and shiny and safe.
But he also has a strong tendency toward conservatism, as seen in his mindless acceptance of established social conventions.
As Batman said in “Dark Knight Returns”, Superman pretty much instinctively believes anything he’s told by someone waving a flag or wearing a badge.

Spider-Man is probably fairly liberal, except for the whole “responsibility” bit. He grew up in semi-poor, working-class circumstances in New York City, after all, and then went on to spend his time with media types and ivory-tower intellectuals.

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) basically thinks like a cop. He’s a member of an armed, uniformed policing organization with a strong authoritarian structure. He was a test pilot (and presumably military pilot) before that, indicating an orientation toward discipline and order. He has compassion for the underdogs of the universe, but he seems to thrive in a world of rules and structure.

Wolverine is a savage… they don’t HAVE political orientations. He fights for his pack, and everybody else can go to Hell.

The Punisher is indifferent… his life will be outside the law, no matter who’s making the laws, so it makes no difference to him.

Wonder Woman is a monarchist… her mom is a queen, after all.

Aquaman is a monarchist… he’s a king!

Iron Man is probably a “limousine liberal”… wants to hang on to his OWN money, but perfectly happy to use YOURS to pursue various social ideals. (like cleaning the rummies off the street?)

Thor is a monarchist… his dad’s a near-omnipotent being!

The Hulk is an anarchist… nobody personifies “do what thou wilt” quite like ol’ Greenskin! :slight_smile: