Is Superman's hair indestructible, after it's been cut?

…in the current comics continuity, anyway.

Last I heard, he had to use his heat vision to shave (I don’t know if he burns the stubble away, or merely slices it off), and one of the crapper movies showed a strand of his hair holding up a one ton weight, but I thought I remembered that most of his invulnerability is a near skintight “field” around his body nowadays, or something. But I don’t know if that accounts for ALL of his toughness, or if his tissues are any different from that of a human, too.

Current? Who knows?

Pre-1985: Probably, for a while. Hurt so much to think about they sometimes claimed that his hair just stopped growing under a yellow sun, so there wouldn’t be Kryptonian hair lying around for ages.
c.1985-c.2000: No, it’s human hair. Invulnerability is due to an active biological process.

Now: Depends on whether the writer wants it to be?

Pre-Crisis, definitely. Byrne reboot, probably tougher than you’d expect for hair but not holding up tons of weight strong. And with the current shuffle it seems likely that it’s back to being indestructible given how many silver age throwbacks there have been lately but nothing has been established that I know of.

In the Silver Age, he didn’t have to cut it 'cause it stopped by itself. Long, beautiful hair.




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I’d respond to the OP, but is seems it’s already been answered. It used to be super strong, then only when it was still attached, and now, it seems to vary.

So before 1985 Superman’s hair were like strands of asbestos. Accidentally inhale some and hey presto, cancer.

Didn’t one of the Superman movies have a scene in a museum where a huge metal weight was being suspended by a single strand of his hair?

I only rarely got an opportunity to read comic books when I was a boy. The four or five times a year we went to visit my cousins in Sylmar I’d spend a couple of hours reading their superman and batman comic books.

Therefore I know not of this “crisis” you speak of. Hence, it didn’t happen. Superboy had a super dog named Krypto, and some Superboy robots that helped him be in two places at once. And his hair could not be cut, except by his heat vision. Except for that issue when he exposed himself to individual pieces of Kryptonite. It nearly killed him, but he did gain an immunity to those particular specimens.

Does anybody know if as an adult, Lex Luthor or Brainiac ever tried to karang him with one of those?

Anyway, Superman hair is Super Hair. Biological processes, schmiological processes.

What’s the deal with his clothes? They never get damaged. He walks through a burning building and his clothes don’t burn off.

I recall in Lois & Clark Sup’s mom made the costume.

His clothes are either made out of the blanket he was wrapped in as a baby, and are thus indestructible Kryptonian material, or they’re protected by the force-field around his body, depending on whether you go by the way things really are, or the way that John Byrne thought they were.

In the original continuity, he squeezed them into a ball and kept them in a pouch in the cape, where they were protected from damage (but probably not wrinkling).

Yep, and there was something similar in a comic from the 50’s.

The various kryptonite cures over the years never stuck. Typically they didn’t last until the end of the issue.

As for Crisis I created a handy guide a few years ago that explains everything you need to know about DC continuity.

That was extremely helpful, thanks!

(And *beautifully *rendered. :D)