Is Taylor Lautner a Great Actor?

This kid seems to be touted as the next James Dean.
Since I haven’t seen any of the Twilight flics, what is opinion about this guy? Is he talented, of just a new face? Also, that rather elaborate tatoo on his right upper arm-does that mean anything?

His voice is extremely nasal and grating, and his heartfelt confessions in the movies were not convincing at all. I don’t anticipate much of a career for him that doesn’t involve taking off his shirt.

With his shirt off, he’s a hell of an actor. With his shirt on, not so much. :confused:

I give him 5 years at most before he goes starts getting naked in every thing he does.

Is he? I haven’t noticed anything like that. He’s become fairly well-known because he’s 1) in a popular series of movies and 2) is considered hot by many in the target audience for these movies. If anyone thinks he’s particularly promising as an actor then it’s news to me.

*I did see the first Twilight movie with my friend, but Lautner’s role is pretty small (he’s apparently a more important character in the sequels) and he made no real impression on me as a performer. I found his character less obnoxious than the two leads, but that’s not so much because of Lautner’s acting skills as because the director/script didn’t require him to mope around all the time or stare blankly at the other characters.

Does he have a nude scene in the current movie? There’s something about a tent “platonic three way” that keeps getting mentioned.

I just saw the movie last night with a friend (she dragged me, shut up). What happens is that they take Bella up into the mountains so the evil vampire can’t get her, but it starts snowing and she- being a mere human- is freezing. Edward is cold as ice, you might remember, so he can’t do anything. Woolfie, on the other hand, has a body temp at 108+ naturally, so he never wears shirts, even in snow. He is wearing shorts, though. He climbs into the sleeping bag with Bella and lays there with her so she doesn’t die of the elements. Or something.

But yeah, he doesn’t wear a shirt the entire movie. At one point, Edward says, “Doesn’t this guy own a shirt?”

begins research on reducing that time frame

Nah, more like the next Tab Hunter.

Funny excerpt from Roger Ebert’s review of the movie:

And add me to the list of those who have never heard of Lautner being touted as a great actor.

I haven’t seen him be touted as anything other than a break out pretty actor (“rising star”) and someone who is caught in the Twilight hysteria. His acting is fine, in fact it was a lot better than the other leads of Twilight, however he hasn’t yet been in a movie with real acting challenges other than overcoming badly written dialogue. The tattoo is just from the movie, part of his wolf pack identity.