Is Ted Cruz Canadian?

He was born in Alberta, so he was a Canadian at birth, as well as American via his mother.

Is he still Canadian, or has he renounced Canadian citizenship?

He announced in August that he intended to renounce his Canadian citizenship, but there’s been no word on whether he followed through.

Please email him this link:

According to your link, he would need to submit proof, such as a citizenship certificate. Since he would have no reason to possess one of those, somewhat ironically he might have to apply for one first before he can renounce it.

I applied for mine back in the 1990s (since I was born abroad and didn’t have a reason to have one, either) and while the process was straightforward, it wasn’t free and it wasn’t fast or convenient.

If he was born in Canada, I would suspect a birth certificate would be sufficient. Even the short form.

Yes, I think the citizenship certificate is for Canadians born abroad, or naturalised Canadians. If you’re born in Canada, I think the birth certificate is usually sufficient proof of citizenship.

That would make sense.

*slinking back away, quietly *

But I assume not a certificate of live birth :slight_smile:

It took me four years of jumping through hoops to get mine, in the 2000s. After I had cleared the way, my sister was able to send in everything required on the first try, and it still took close to a year for her.

It is, but you can get a citizenship certificate if you want one. Suitable for framing!

For Cruz, his birth certificate should suffice.

When I think of all the fools we’ve sent from Texas to the national political stage I look at Ted who looks like Joe McCarthy and wonder why oh why did he have to move here? Cruelest of all Canada picked up the tab for his birth…

Are you a Canadian?

As an American, I’d rather he use this web page:

He might be waiting to see how that American President thing works out for him.

Just says Certificate of Birth:

Dual citizenship may pose problem if Ted Cruz seeks presidency

Are you suggesting that “Certificate of Birth” is real? It looks like it came out of a Cracker Jack box. I’m hearing rumours he was actually born in Havana and is a sleeper agent for la Revolucion.

No, you guys take him. :slight_smile:

Or he could move back to Alberta and enter federal politics here!

So, follow-up question - any sign that Orly whatshername is at all concerned that Cruz may run for President? Born outside the country, father not a US citizen - should be pushing her buttons, no?

Sorey, what is this all aboot again, eh?

Where in the Constitution does it say dual nationality is prohibited for becoming President? There are plenty of countries that do not permit loss/renunciation of citizenship.

No one in this thread is suggesting that dual citizenship is a constitutional bar, as far as I can see. I think there would be political pressure on Senator Cruz to renounce his Canadian citizenship, if he ran for President, to avoid any suggestion of divided loyalties. That seems to be the gist of his comments in the article Lord Feldon linked to in post # 2.

However, my follow-up question is about that concept of “natural born citizen.” I understood that Orly whassername and some of the other Birthers have argued that to be a natural born citizen for the purposes of Article II, one must be born in the United States, and that not just one parent, but both, must have been citizens at the time of the birth. I was just wondering if any of the birthers have expressed similar concerns about Senator Cruz’ eligibility, since he fails both of those supposed qualifications.

Oh yes, definitely.

There were Romney-deniers too, on the grounds that they thought his father was a Mexican illegal immigrant. I believe some of them don’t like Rick Santorum either, as his father may have been an Italian citizen at the time of Rick’s birth.