Is telemarketing the most antisocial legal profession

OK this is a Poll, but in the pit, as we all might get a bit agressive other this.

Is there any other legal profession more lowly and debased than telemarketing?

Cheers, Bippy

Politician? Lawyer?

OK, but I am serious about politician

I think that Politicians are a necessity, and a small number of them really are there to help others, and not just themselves.


Not that I think strippers are lowly and debased…just that many people might consider them so and speak badly about them.

Television evangelist

Oh! I thought of another one…

Used car salesman

Spammers. I hate the spam that fills my inbox every day.

As far as I know, it’s still not illegal. Sure wish it was, though.

One more. (Thats it, I promise)

Reality TV Show Media Whores. Especially the people who appear on shows like Who Wants to Marry a Millionare and Joe Millionare.

Strippers provide a valued entertainment service.

Television evangelists, well good one, but you can change the channel easily enough.

Used car salesmen, well people need to buy used cars, and someones got to sell them.

Spammers, bingo, they are as bad.They don’t effect that part of the population without email addresses, which is much larger than the part of the population without phone numbers

Now who’s the whore? Joe or the chicks? Both? And imagine the surprise on the last episode when Joe says “Psyche! I’m broke. Marry me?”

They are “Media Whores” not regular whores. Meaning they sell themselves to be on TV.

DEA agents & drug enforcement generally

Porn stars, producers, directors, etc.

DEA agents are helpful when they stop dealers in highly dangerous or contaminated drugs.

Porn industry, well it is entertainment, and it is highly avoidable.

Media Whores are a waste of oxygen, but people do whach them on TV so they must be providing entertainment.

Fine - Telemarketers may annoy most of us to high-hell and back but they give old people someone to talk to and make money for their bosses.

Giving lonely people someone to talk to, yes that has value, true.

But how often do they persuade the easily persuadable to buy things they don’t need or even want, I wonder?

Making money for their bosses, isn’t that part of the definition what a profession is :wink:

Do they generate more business than there would otherwise be, or would the business they generate simply go elsewhere if they did not exist?

How often do they persuade people into buying things they really need but just didn’t know they needed? :wink:

The guys handing out the smut/escort service flyers down on the Strip in Vegas?

  • political “spin doctors”

  • people who put flyers on car windshields

  • media “pundits”

  • members of the RIAA