Is test preparation an act of cheating?

When I was growing up I never got the sense that anyone thought test preparation was anything less than commendable. At least that was how I remembered it. I sense a change in attitude about test prep, some people seem to argue that it’s a form of cheating. Parents who pay for extra test prep help are criticized for having subverted the purpose of the test. I’m inclined to think that this insane, I find it hard to find fault with anyone who wants to do as well as she can. What’s wrong with that? Yet, I’ve looked with a raised eyebrow at people who were singularly obsessed with doing well on a particular test. Was I jealous of them? They were out-competing against me.

In the end, I can’t find fault with test prep. People who do are probably hate’N.

First, do you sense this change in attitude? If so, how do you feel about it.

Going to close this one as you already have a thread about this.