Is testing medication on rats really useful?

But we do care for animal suffering. Instutional animal care and use committees (IACUCs) oversee the experiments and approve or reject proposals based on what the animal treatments will be. And in most cases, like I said, they would not allow an animal to suffer. It will be euthanized if the benchmarks established are observed. Also, even in an experiment where the endpoint is euthanasia, they will try and use as few animals as possible to obtain some useful data.

Again, I doubt this truly is as widespread as you think. First, the bulk of animal research and animal use does not require vivisection or anything approaching that. Second, the animal is likely sedated (it makes it easier to handle as well, after all). In at least some cases, sedated to the point that recovering from that deep anesthesia/analgesia (if they ever do) may be difficult. And I assume that most industries, even if they want to make a profit, want to have their research recognized, and to do that, they have to have an IACUC that will oversee the experiments and approve them.

So your position is that someone who gives an injection to a mouse in order to save the life of a girl is a nazi?

This sort of things happen only in the imagination (and websites) of animal right activists.

You have illustrated my point very well.