Is that thread just spam bait?

What’s the deal with this thread?
It’s a stickied thread that starts out with an outdated post on cleaning your comp of malware from '09, and is followed by 300 posts of banned spammers.

Yes, that thread has been spambait for a long time. In vBulletin we used to soft-delete those posts. However, the move to Discourse made all the old spam posts visible again, as well as the spam reports.

We decided that that thread was so outdated that it wasn’t worth keeping in its present form, so I moved it to the Museum of Spam.

I didn’t realize the museum was open on a holiday!

I actually checked to see if Museum of Spam was a new SDMB forum.

It’s not new. It’s just another name for The Cornfield, which is only visible to mods.