Is The Bill Clinton Presidential Library Open For Business?

Just curious…if I ever find myself in Arkansas with time on my hands…I might just pop in! Although, as a confirmed Clinton-disser, I can’t pass up the chance to kick him one more time!
Anyway, what does this waste-of-the-taxpayer’s money contain?
Does it have monica’s stained blue dress? A replica of the Lincoln bedroom (hwich Bill rented out?)
Anybody know when this edifice will open…and how much WE paid for it?:confused:

Not yet. November 2004.

cite: &

You can look up what you want to know on those sites yourself. Not considering pro-creating are you? How hard is it to type “clinton library” in a search engine?

I’m not a fan either, but I think you’re going overboard. This looks like a pit thread, because you need to be flamed.

Just for the record, I live in Arkansas and look forward to the opening of the Library. It will help our economy here a lot. Plus, it looks to be an awesome facility. I know I’ll be visiting it. It is already generating new business in this state and the location it is in has been revitalized in recent years. This will only further enhance that area.

Monicas dress… yeah right. You’re a gimp. <sorry mods, he asked for it>

It was being searched for high and low in 2001. In 2003, it still doesn’t appear finished. According to this article, its expected to cost $120 tp $125 million.

Will I be able to buy Playboy in the gift shop? :smiley:

Bosda… check this out:

Has there even been a president that has garnered so much hate & love at the same time?

*"President Clinton took great comfort in reading the classics. Among the greatest treasures in his personal collection were an original March 1986 copy of Playboy featuring the article “Can Jack Kemp Outplay Bill Bradley” It was believed that this was the principal document that made him decide to run for his first term.

This November 1973 copy of Penthouse, found stuck to Lincoln’s bed, was his constant companion from early youth. It contained Marco Vassi’s classic story, “Sex Beyond Sex”, and is believed to be the chief cause of “Little Willie” beginning to bend toward the left"*

But to answer your question… you just may be able to get that playboy at Clintons library. Beware of sticky pages though!