Is the content of PMs monitored, held against us

I just sent a PM to someone, mentioning that I was sending a PM because saying it here would get me suspended.

No, the mods can’t see PMs (IIRC), but if the person chose to report it, I believe* the text would be sent to them.

*I could be wrong on that, it’s possible that if someone reports a PM they have to send the text along and, in that case, short of a screen shot the mod would be taking the recipient’s word for what it said. Either way, mods can not directly see them.

Suspended? You were suspended just a few months ago. If it was so unpleasant that it couldn’t be said in a thread and he reports it, well, that there would finally be your bannination, I’d think.

Maybe you should send another PM and apologize for whatever it was you said that can’t be said within range of a moderator.

I show zero unread PMs. Resend, maybe, yo?

The recipient was someone who got moded overzealously IMO. Banning me would just prove my point.

Oh. You were PMing in solidarity with him. Rage against the machine and all that. Right on.

PMs can be reported in exactly the same way that posts can. When a member does that, the PM is sent to moderators in its original, unmodified form. So mods know they are getting the actual text and not a distorted one.

You sent a message to someone to tell them you were sending a message? Because if you mentioned in a thread that you were sending a message you would get suspended? Have I got that right?

Mods cannot see PMs unless they’re copied. We don’t try to moderate them, since it would be well-nigh impossible. If someone receives a PM that contains (say) a minor insult, there’s nothin’ much we can do about it, it’s like getting an email. If someone receives a PM that’s totally over the top (racist threats, say), forward it to a Moderator (better: more than one, for backup) and we’ll see what we can do, depending on situation and circumstances.

What you can do:
If you find that you’re getting objectionable PMs (say, minor insults) from the same poster, you can put them on “IGNORE” via: (1) Click “UserCP” at top of page, (2) Click “Edit Ignore List” (3) Put in name of user you want to Ignore and (4) Click “Okay.” Your email should have a similar feature to block emails from an objectionable person.

Sending you a PM…

For future reference you might want to think about something: Let’s pretend the mods do have the Private Message Superpower. You just called attention to your PM that you imply was unflattering to the mods, one that would get you in trouble with them. By asking in the very forum they’re sure to read?

Pretty interesting. Either this was a passive-aggressive way to take a public, ambiguous swipe at the moderators or this wasn’t the brightest idea you’ve ever had.

So when someone uses the “report” function on a PM, you don’t get a copy of the PM?

Really? That surprises me, I am a member at a few other board that use vbulletin and it has been openly admitted, that technically IMs can be read (which is only logical, given how they are stored in “your” database), but that of course they don’t do this.

I would expect this to be the same here.

One has to add a plugin ( mod ) to vbull to enable madmins to read PMs.
Considering the remarkably meagre fun in reading other people’s mail — although ex-members of the Stazi have been all awestruck and going ‘we-are-not-worthy’ at the overreach of the NSA, so maybe some people enjoy it — and the privacy issues involved, most boards don’t bother.
Or one could go through the database with a fine tooth comb. Most boards can’t even be bothered to repair/optimize MYSQL once in a blue moon, so again, unlikely.

Thanks Dexter.

Can pics be sent by PM? (Ruling out a dick pic being involved here)

Yes, a link to a picture on any server can be placed just as in any post. It displays as an image with the < img> tags.

So then it mighta been a dick pic, huh?!

We cannot read Private Messages sent to you from another user on the SDMB unless they are copied and sent to us directly from the sender or the recipient.

You can block other users from sending you messages if you wish.

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