Is "The Devil and Daniel Webster" in public domain?

I wanted to reread “The Devil and Daniel Webster” by Stephen Vincent Benet. But when I checked Gutenberg I was surpised to find they don’t have this story in their archive. Anyone know why?

It’s not an obscure story. I assumed it was in the public domain but maybe not. However Gutenberg has other works by Benet.

The story was published in 1937, which means it’s not automatically PD. According to the copyright database, it looks like the copyright was renewed and came under the revised copyright law. That would seem to be 95 years after publication, so it become PD in 2032.

I would assume that since this is Benet’s most famous and popular story, the estate was diligent about keeping the copyright renewed. They may not have bothered with some of his other works.

Th’heck? It’s right here. Gutenberg, too. I’m not talking about Amazon or Sparknotes. :wink:

That’s Gutenberg Australia. They apparently have different copyright limitations.

Which is a pretty good site. I’m finding some other works I’ve looked for.

Australia’s laws essentially put the line of demarcation at whether an author died before 1955 or not. Benet died in 1943 so his works are now in the public domain there.

Yes, for citizens of Australia. You aren’t in Australia. You are in the United States, where it has been shown that the work is still under copyright. It is therefore still illegal for you to download it.

Can anyone point me to some place - in print or online - where I can find the two sequels, “Daniel Webster and the Sea Serpent” and “Daniel Webster and the Ideas of March”.

Are you kidding me?

These real, or am I wooshed?

No, Benet really did write them.

The other story, which without the interesting typo is Daniel Webster and Ides of March, is not listed on the Internet Science Fiction Database.

It was a typo? I figured the title was a pun. I copied it from this site.