Is the Earth Getting Lighter or Heavier

Great answer, but, I had always thought that
the Earth when created was much smaller by 20% than it is today and that is spun
28,000 to 32,000 MPH. It’s orbit was closer to the sun and allowed more sunlight. This provided a better condition for life to grow. When the planet beyond Mars was torn apart, Earth sustained massive dammage and the loss of the Dinosaurs and the creation of the moon. Over time it gained more mass and slowed a bit with the moon gradually comming closer.

Are you saying the dinosaurs pre-date the Moon and Asteroids?

Billthecat, could you please tell me what was “the planet beyond mars”? Actually, could you please tell me where did you get these ideas about spin velocity, smaller size (20%), etc.? I’m curious!

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  1. The stuff in the asteriod belt was never a planet, and if you gathered it all together, it would be a pretty small planet.

  2. The creation of the Moon predates dinosuars by several billion years.

  3. Being closer to the sun wouldn’t really be more favorable for life–look at Venus.

  4. If we go as far back as pre-Moon days, then the Earth was actually larger, but come I doubt that the post-Moon ejection Earth has has increased its mass by 20% through infall.

  5. The Earth’s rotational speed has slowed since its formation, but I think that your original speed estimate is probably too slow.