Is the Geico Lizard's accent a good example of how "Estuary English" sounds?

Geico Lizard’s accent here. Is this a good example of how “Estuary English” sounds?

More lizard accent here.

To my mind that is more a full-on London/Cockney accent, or at least right at the Cockney end of the Estuary spectrum. I tend to think of Estuary as a toned-down version of that, halfway towards an RP accent.

I’d say it’s an actor putting on the accent as it wobbles a bit. It’s sounds more London than the “awwright mate?” of Outer Suburban Bastardised Cockney that we think of as Estuary English.

I’m not up on the intricacies of various English accents, but I’ve read that David Tennant uses an Estuary accent as The Doctor.

I’d say David Tennant’s is fairly neutral.

Here’s his normal voice. Sounds pretty close to lizard speak to me. It’s a softened Cockney, but it’s very very rare to hear broad Cockney any more.

A while back my husband was watching some BBC show (Footballer’s Wives?) while I was in the other room, and I am pretty sure I heard the gecco talking.

And I think he was cussing.

Pretty weird.

here’s perhaps a better example of Estuary English (if still exaggerated for comic effect). Brian Pringle is the ‘voice coach’

I really like the lizard’s accent. I specially liked it when he was talking about biscuits, jam and tea during a radio commercial. Bastard.