Is the Imperial Palace hotel/casino built in the shape of a swastika?

When seen directly overhead, as from a plane or jet, is the Imperial Palace hotel/casino in Las Vegas in the shape of a swastika?

I heard that rumor a while back, along with the rumor that the owner was a national socialist. Does anyone know the scoop?

Well, google seems to agree the guy was a bit of a Nazi-nutcase, but I couldn’t verify that the building was swastika-shaped. Google Image Search didn’t turn up anything of interest either…

About the owner :



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Damn you, Reeder! :wink: I was about to post the same link.

It’s an aerial photo of the Imperial Palace, that clearly shows that it isn’t swastika-shaped. Its actual shape looks to be something like this:


Ascii art: harder than it looks

Englestadt has joined Hitler in the great beyond.Within the last year,IIRC.

But the building never had a swasticka shape.Just the prevailing T shape,with the casino being the head of the T.He probably put more wings on since '77,never bothered to look.

For those not familiar with the strip,the IP is generally regarded as the cousin that farts at the family reunion dinner.

I’ve stayed at the Imp many times. There was even a Doper gathering there a few years ago so it HAS to be a class place. Great room prices. Another view…