Is the Internet broken?

I’ve been having crazy Internet problems all day. Lots of sites not being found for a few minutes, then being found, then vanishing again, some sites coming up only half-rendered, etc. Is there some large DNS problem happening of which I’m unaware?

I had a big blip this morning that looked DNS-related, but it went away after about half an hour. I suspect it was my ISP (British Telecom).

Not had any problems here, same ISP as Mangetout

If you go by how often the Dope is available, then yes.

There are three cut telecommunication cables in the Middle East. Some fallout from this is that traffic is being redistributed all over the globe to avoid the trouble and it clogs up other areas that are not directly affected. India and Dubai were down as much as 70%, and countries like Pakistan and Egypt were affected also.

They’ve rerouted every which way possible, and now other countries are seeing miscellaneous problems.

Internet Traffic Report isn’t showing anything too bad, though South America seems to be having a higher than expected packet loss rate for some reason.

If you’re having trouble, you can go to the command line and do a tracert to the problem site. It’ll tell you if sites/servers/routers are not responding, what the path is, and where response times increase.

You can also go to a website such as and do a trace from their server. If there are problems similar to the command line trace, it’s not your problem.

A couple of weeks ago I couldn’t access the SDMB for 30 minutes. By using traces I found there had been a loop between two Comcast (my ISP) routers.

I know that “me too” posts are frowned upon, but I have to second this. Quite enthusiastically.

Individual ISPs have DNS troubles occasionally, that don’t manifest for other ISPs. it can even be localised to particular exchanges, or so it appears to me. It’s probably something along those lines.

I was on and using a variety of sites almost constantly yesterday and didn’t have any trouble.

Y2K8 bug.

All over the papers.

There are two other cables that are down for other reasons in the same neck of the woods. You should see all the conspiracy theorizing on Slashdot.