Is the Movie "Babel" supposed to be subtitled?

I downloaded the movie Babel online. Most of it is not in english. Is the movie supposed to be subtitled for an english audience?

If not, I can accept it and approach the movie trying to pick up non-language nuances. But if it is supposed to be subtitled, I may be missing alot of the plot.

Dear Lord if subtitles make it any more depressing forget it… :frowning:

The parts that weren’t in English were subtitled on the DVD I watched. It probably would have been subtitled further, or differently, for release in non-English-speaking countries.

Yep, the Japan release was subtitled in all the non-Japanese parts.

The subtitles can be summarized thus:

“Ethnic people do stupid things and ruin a couple of obnoxious rich white people’s exotic vacation.”

It’s basically an American Express commercial without the happy ending.

I had a problem with the DVD - it is not flagged correctly. My player turned on subtitle track 1, which contains “all” subtitles, including English. I didn’t want English subtitles so turned them off. Only after the first few (unintelligible) scenes did I figure out there was another subtitle track that had everything except the English subtitled.

It made the movie marginally better. After it was over I started wondering if it would have been more poignant without the subtitles. Although I didn’t hate it as much as **lissener ** obviously did…

But with full frontal Japanese lolita hotness.

If you’re into that sort of thing.

My wife and I were commenting as we watched it “she gets an Oscar nomination just for flashing her crotch at everyone?”

I guess now we know what the nomination committee is into.