Is the new shingles vaccine finally plentiful in your area?

Yesterday I got the second of the two Shingrix shots. Unlike last time, this time I feel pretty lousy. I’m cold and achy and sickly feeling.

But like last time, my arm is horribly sore - maybe even sorer.

I guess I’m out of the loop. Is shingles rampant / particularly bad this year?

I got the first shingles shot last summer when I went to the doctor for my annual checkup. It was one of those “you’ve reached that age now…” things more than there being an outbreak or anything. I went back in October for the second shot along with my flu shot.

And yes, my arm was sore for several days both times. But I never felt bad otherwise.

Got my second dose Wednesday evening. No delay or difficulty finding locations or scheduling.

On my second day of soreness and overall feeling a bit more miserable than the first time around.

Shingles doesn’t really work that way; it’s a resurgence in a different form of an infection you had many years ago. I don’t think whether one person gets shingles is in any way connected to whether other people in the area are getting shingles; it’s connected to whether they had chickenpox as a child, which pretty much everybody who’s now old enough did.

I had shingles about 10 years ago. It started off with a sore back, which progressively led to each night being more and more difficult to get a good nights sleep because of the chronic dulling pain. I noticed the rash on my chest. But didn’t know it was shingles. That dull pain eventually got to what felt like a literal ice pick jammed about 1.5" into my back. Rash developed into pustules. Couldn’t take it any more and went to the ER, “You have shingles” Doctor gave me an script for the shingles and offered me two different types of pain meds. I said give me the strongest one. I think it was hydrocodone, was suppose to take two, but popped four. Was so relieved to be able to finally sleep. Thankfully, I didn’t get on my face because my chest is scared from it.

I guess the vaccine is available now around me, as I got both my shots some weeks back. Little discomfort, maybe some slight soreness and temp elevated just enough to barely notice. No complaints here!

I was trying to get it for quite awhile, but no one had it.

Have now had both shots. Ten years ago I was hospitalized for shingles on my face. They were worried I’d lose an eye. I have scarring on my forehead and numbness still on my temple.

My dad had shingles three times. Any soreness and fatigue is nothing compared to shingles.

Yep, I got it, the side effects are not nice for a few hours, but worth it.