Is the "Peanuts" theme (Linus and Lucy) Christmas Music?

The 24 hour Christmas Music Radio station and the piano player at the restaurant I was at last night think so. Do you?

Link here if you aren’t sure what song I mean.

Although it has been played on other Peanuts specials including the Thanksgiving one, it’s most closely association with “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” Therefore, IMHO, it is Christmas music.

You betcha sweet ass it is. Try listening to the opening bars and not thinking of the Peanust Christmas special. When network executives first saw the show, they wanted the soundtrack changed. Songwriter Vince Guaraldi and Charles Schultz flately refused, and the soundtrack is the best selling TV soundtrack ever.

It’s an instrumental from a children’s Christmas classic. It’s mostly heard only at Christmas time. Yep.

Yes, it features prominently in one of my all-time favourite Christmas specials. I know it was used in the others - doesn’t matter to me. This one’s a Christmas song.

Absolutely, it’s not even in question.

Lots of songs are associated with Christmas despite not really being Christmas songs. “Linus and Lucy” is far from the worst of these. Quick, somebody tell me what makes “Jingle Bell Rock” a Christmas song?

It’s more a winter song, which also get play at Christmas (Let It Snow, Winter Wonderland, Frosty the Snowman, etc.), ESPECIALLY “Jingle Bells”.

It does talk of “snowin’ and blowin”, “prancin’ and dancin” (alluding to a couple of notorious reindeer), etc.

Not explicitly, but, yes, I associate it with the holidays and Christmas. It almost always comes up on Christmas playlists.

It’s a song that’s lyrically about winter? It’s as much a Christmas song as “Jingle Bells” is.

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I don’t think we have any “winter songs” that aren’t “Christmas songs” in our culture, unless they’re specifically other religious festival songs, like “The Chanukah Song.” Cultural ooze, and a good argument for the secular nature of Santa-and-presents-Christmas, as opposed to the Christian Happy-Birthday-Jesus Christmas.

The Peanuts theme has a far stronger claim to being Christmas Music than “My Favorite Things,” which I hear too often on Christmas music themed collections. Makes me stabby.


Besides, Linus and Lucy was ostensibly the music for the “Christmas Show” Charlie Brown was trying to direct. It’s not what he wanted, but it’s what Schroeder kept playing.

I don’t really associate the Peanuts theme with Christmas, but I am probably in the minority.

Now, the Peanuts classic Christmas Time is Here is just full of Christmas feels. :slight_smile:

“Jingle Bell Rock” isn’t even directly a winter song. The only reason it’s even associated with winter is that the title and repeating lyric is a call-out to “Jingle Bells”, which is a winter song.

Or to take a different approach to it, how is “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring”, or Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus” a Christmas song? The former is just a generically Christian song, and the latter is specifically an Easter song. Yet they have both become associated with Christmas.

If “Die Hard” can be a Christmas movie, then “Linus and Lucy” can be a Christmas song.

Why wouldn’t it be? It’s indelibly connected with a Christmas special. “Your a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” makes no mention of Christmas, either.

If you want it to be, it is.

Yes, to me. “Skating” and “Christmastime is Here” even more so (the latter obviously so).

I want a " it shouldn’t be (by the lyrics), but it is in practice" option in the poll.

I never thought it would be a choice. That is the Peanuts theme. It was on a lot of other Peanuts specials not just the Christmas one. Christmas Time is Here is their Christmas Song.

Yes, but personally I have an even stronger association between Skating and Christmas, mainly because around this time every year I’m always trying to play it on the piano. One of these years I’ll actually get it up to speed.