Is the pejorative "asshole" masculine?

I use “Cunt” all the time, but I’ve been exposed to too many Aussies to really count. Frickin’ Aussies.

Ditto. The first time I ever heard it used as such was in the movie 16 Candles, and it just sounded inappropriate (in a stupid way, not an offensive one). I’ve certainly never used it that way; it’d be like missing a subject-verb agreement to me.

Actually, to be honest, I had a hard time forming the word “cunt” until a two-month stint in Scotland, where everyone is a “daft cunt” it seems.

An impromptu poll around my office of both men and women resulted in a unanimous vote for “asshole=men only.”

(And another unanimous vote for “please get out of my office”)

I use the word for men, women, my pets, religion groups, and inanimate objects.

However, I consider it a “masculine” word. I mean, how could you insult someone with the word unless you meant a guy’s ulgy one?

Hmm. It appears to be an even split in opinion here. I think it’ll probably remain a masculine term in my world.

Probably because it was historically used to disparage a male’s right to inheritance of money, a royal title, or whatever. Since women of whatever lineage were unlikely to contest an estate or succession, they were generally spared the epithet.

I use the word asshole as a male-exclusive term unless it’s a large group of assholes, then it could be men and women. Female counterpart, in my mind, would be bitch. But my mind doesn’t work all that well so I might not count.