Is the SDMB predominantly Republican or Democrat?

Naturally, I don’t expect a cite here, just the general impression of those of you who have been here some time.

Democrat, I would guess, since Cecil’s column is distributed mostly in urban areas.

Based on the general sense I’ve gotten in the short time I’ve been visiting here, I’d also have to say Democrat.

Mostly a bunch of nonsensical, liberal-assed, tree-hugging, card-carrying , no-good, entitlement-minded Democrats.

But I like 'em.

I get all the agreement and likemindedness I need from my regular life environment.

It’s always important to keep a channel open to the opposition, if only to know what they’re thinking so you can head 'em off at the pass.

Sometimes after a heated debate against some crazy liberal, I’m left wondering how anybody could be so damn dumb, stubborn and empty-headed.

Then I realize there’s no point in self-flagellation, so I dust myself off and move on, a little wiser.


If the other person’s honest, once in a while it’s them that has to dust themselves off.

To quote the noble Fritz:

The enemy isn’t the guy that disagrees with you. The enemy’s the guy who has his identity so wrapped up in his position that he’s incapable of change.

Yeah, but our Republicans come in armed for Clueless Donkey. Majority or not, you gotta be prepared to defend your assertions in these here parts.

The one common thread among us all is our appreciation for reason, facts and logic.

I would venture that the SDMB is easily liberal-leaning, but not necessarily Democratic. I personally can’t call myself a real Democrat, as I’m too far to the left and many high-profile Democrats have been leaning to center. But I certainly am a tree-hugging, card-carrying, no-good (but hopefully sensical), dye-in-the-wool liberal to the very core of my being.

I would say that the SDMB leans heavily towards a group of people who identify with democratic policy, describe themselves as free-thinking liberals, and are consistantly against anything republican. yet at the same time they will recoil in terror at the prospect that they are actually democrats. this is, of course, excepting non-americans for which it makes no sense to try and label oneself as a member of an american political party. Oh yeah, I had a point, it’s definately democrat, but most of them won’t admit it.

case in point.

ps no offense, I’ve got nothing against liberals, at least the ones here actually think about why they’re liberal.

Well, I think that the SDMB definitely leans Democratic / liberal on most social issues (except gun control) … You don’t find many people from the Moral Majority hanging around here.

On economic issues, I think the spectrum is much broader and in fact almost bi-modal from the looks of it sometimes. You’ve got those of us who think that a major political party that really was liberal would be a swell idea and who rant and rave [correctly of course!! :wink: ] about “the excessive power of corporations and the wealthy”. And, then you got the libertarian-type folks who rant and rave about government, taxes, and redistribution. They sort of lean toward the Republicans but hold their nose, presumably, when most of the Rep leadership opens their mouths on issues like abortion, free speech on the internet, drug policy, “family values”, … (I guess some of them actually voted for the libertarian Presidential candidate, just as this liberal voted for Nader.)

Yeah, 5-HT, most liberals don’t bother to think about their politics, whereas most conservatives are the deepest thinkers in the world. :rolleyes: Let’s try not to demonize (or stupid-ize) the people who disagree with us, m’kay?

Anyway, to the OP, my answer has to be neither. There are more party-line Republicans around here than party-line Democrats, I think. But on the whole, Dopers are a mixed lot. Strongly civil libertarian, fairly conservative on economics, and somewhat liberal on a handful of loosely defined social issues like the environment. You won’t find a lot of support for the welfare state among American Dopers, though.

Of course, there are also those of us who have come to the awareness that a simplistic left-right definition of political views is hopelessly simplistic and inaccurate, and therefore can’t reasonably identify themselves as being on a point on the liberal-conservative spectrum.

Do more Dopers open their eggs from the large end or the small end?

(If asked, I identify myself politically with either the Federalists or the Whigs, depending upon the idealogy of the questioner.)

The Whigs would be the “small-enders”, then?

It really wasn’t my intent to suggest that, I agree that there are as many unthinking, tow the party line conservatives as liberals. I was really venting about certain people IRL, sorry if I gave the wrong impression.

5-HT, you didn’t offend me. Probably because you described me so accurately.

I get the impression that many Dopers are socially quite liberal but fiscally less so. However, it’s really hard to tell, because the only people you can tell about are the ones who choose to be noisiest about their leanings. That leaves a lot of people to guess about.

Sorry, 5-HT. I just interpreted that comment as a crack at “unthinking” liberals. I’d have been just as peeved at a crack about unthinking conservatives, moderates, or communists. My apologies for reading an implicit criticism into that.

My perception is that the Democrats have a very solid majority among the American SDMB regulars. We Republicans probably aren’t even in second place here. I’d say the breakdown is

50% Standard liberal Democrats

20% Hard-line libertarians who look with disdain on both major parties

15% Leftists who vote Democrat regularly, but don’t identify with the party, because they don’t think the platform is radical enough

10% Republicans

5% Apolitical wise guys

I’m always amused when this sort of question pops up and the first voices heard are those who say “the other guy’s got more troops.” Something similar happened on Fathom about a year ago: the question was asked “Why is this place so left wing” and the thread was immediately dominated by right-wing posters explaining why they considered themselves to be in the minority.

This place runs the gamut: Liberals, Conservatives, Libertarians, and a whole slew of people that are either too considered in their positions to be dropped into little boxes or so looney we haven’t figured a name for them.

I would say that True Believers in Marxism or the Religious Right are in short supply (but they are not absent), but that the mix is actually pretty strong. Based on a casual perusal of the BBQ Pit, I would not say that the philosophical opponents of either stoid or December are in a clear majority. (The preceding statement is not an attempt to equate or to evaluate the quality of the posts of either person, only to indicate general opposition to their apparent political philosophies.)

My observation is that the board is mostly Democrat, and the Republicans are fairly silent about their opinions, with the above noted exceptions.