Is the south side always the baddest part of town?

In his article

“Is the south side always the baddest part of town?”

Cecil wasn’t sure if there is predominant division in cities between rich/poor and north/south or some such.

Here in Europe the division is usually west/east, west being the rich and east being the poor.

Now picture this: In 1800 the factories were in middle of the city belching loads of smoke and soot and at the same time the prevailing winds were from the Atlantic ie. from west.

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Slightly related phenomenon: The so-called “Millionaire’s Row” in Cleveland was built on the East Side so that when the big businessmen drove (or rather, were driven) to the office downtown and back, they’d never have the sun in their eyes, morning or evening.

The North here in NYC is not the best part of town.

This subject was discussed to death back in November. When you’re commenting on the older columns, it’s a good idea to use the search function to look for a thread on the subject.

The Baddest Part of Town

Now you can beat the same dead horse that was beaten back then.