Is the south side the baddest side of town?

Things appear to be flipped in Alaska.

For instance, The ‘slums’ of Anchorage are on the North-west part of town. In fact, The rich neighborhoods on on the south side!
Also, Alaska’s big towns are also on the south side of the state! Also, Hawaii has more money than we do.

Take that logic, Cecil!

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Is the south side always the baddest part of town? (05-Nov-1999)

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And I’m sure you noticed that Cecil Adams said in his column that many contrary cases can be found to the “south side is the worst part of town” observation.

Some of it is no longer true. The West side of Chicago is much worse than the South Side. But the South Side still has the rep.

BTW Slums in Anchorage?

Amazingly, yes.

I’m sure it would be easy to come up with reasons for Anchorage not following the model. While I don’t care to do the work, I would suggest that the model basically applies to large cities which were shaped by industry prior to WWI. Anchorage doesn’t fit the mold, being a tiny non-industrialized spot in the road before WWII. It’s importance during WWII, and the 1964 earthquake and the oil bonanza and resultant growth caused it to grow differently.

I recently learned that St. Louis is also an exception to this rule – the bad parts are north, so say the natives I spoke with.

Slums in Alaske?

Does that mena that they only have a 1 story Igloo?

Report from St. Louis: Just confirming that, yes, in the City of St. Louis at least, the North Side is the baddest part of town, in that it encompasses the most depressed neighborhoods. That includes some of the northern suburbs, too. As for Chicago (where I used to live), it’s got such a diverse and insular set of neighborhoods that it’s hard to generalize, but yes, a lot of the West Side is pretty bad, but the South Side has some pretty damn bad neighborhoods, too, especially right around, but not including, Hyde Park.

I heard that it was because towns tended to grow northwards, higher value housing had nothing obstructing the northern side of the buildings.

In Greenville, TX it is opposite, the north side is the ‘bad’ part of town, but that is because when they ran I-30 to the south of town the newer developments were all made closer to the interstate.

North Philly is substantially worse than South Philly.