Is the Sunday paper an important part of your weekend?

We went out of town for the weekend, and when we returned I couldn’t find a copy of the Sunday newspaper anywhere. There really isn’t anything of any importance in that $1.75 pile of dead trees, yet I feel like my weekend isn’t complete unless I’ve read it. Does anyone else treat the sunday paper as an important part of their weekend? I have no idea how I got so attatched to my newspaper. And to make it worse, the paper I’m talking about is the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, possibly the worst rag in America.


If I don’t get to it on Sunday, I save relevant bits of it to read during the week.

Yeah, I love spending Sunday (especially Sunday morning/afternoon) reading the paper. Actually, we get two different papers on Sunday (The Boston Globe, and “The Metrowest Daily News”, which everyone gets on Sundays for free)

It was when we subscribed to the New York Times. I love the Times Magazine, primarily.

My former boyfriend was a paper-reading maniac. He loved reading the newspaper, and it didn’t matter if all we had was a precious 12 hours together, he’d spend some of that time with his nose buried in it. Once I posed this exasperated hypothetical: “If you were sitting in the middle your futon, with Christy Turlington, naked and willing, at one end, and an unread Sunday paper at the other end, which way would you turn?”

His response: “Is the paper The NY Times?”

What a timely topic. I just yelled at my SO last night for accidently throwing the Sunday paper out. It just didn’t seem like the weekend without it.

I like doing the big Sunday crossword.