"Is the Svengali job still open?" (Or, advice to celebs wrecking their own careers)

So, over in this thread, we’ve been discussing movie, tv, and music stars who have already, or are in the process of, wrecking their careers. I’d like to spin off a new topic.

If you were hired as the manager for one of the celebrities mentioned in this thread (or another you care to name), what advice would you give to keep the train wreck from happening?

I’ll start with two easy ones:
Tom Cruise: Hey, Tommy boy, you ever see the movie Fight Club? Good. Because I want you to remember the first rule of Fight Club and apply it to three things: Scientology, Katie, and psychiatry. Okay?

Britney Spears: Brit dear, you’ve seen Seinfeld, right? You know the one where George decides to do the opposite of his first impulse from then on, and suddenly his life starts going right? Well, we’ll want you to embrace that idea, okay? Do the opposite. Oh, and be out of the house with the kid tonight, in a public place, wearing shoes, okay? You need an alibi, 'cause Kevin’s gonna have a little … accident.*

Anybody else?