Is the Universe out of alignment?

Recently it has seemed that me and almost everyone I know is going through a really shitty time right now. Basically anything that can go wrong does, with someone in some way. I mean either you are sick or things are going well with relationships, school, work, family, etc. etc. What ever it is everyone around me seems to be experiencing it, including me. Physically I am okay right now but I swear damn near everything else is going wrong. Things like having bad luck with women, school being complicated, not being able to find work, family and friends being sick and seeing their problems send their health down the tubes.

I was wondering if anyone else sees this happening to them. Is anyone’s universe out of alignment too? Also I would like to know from someone that is familiar with planetary alignment and zodiac interaction and all of that stuff, whether or not things are particularly not well cosmically.


Well, I have noticed a little shimmy when I get going too fast.

JeffB, your Universe might not be out of alignment. It could just be that your moon needs to be balanced. Go to your nearest Saturn dealer and have it checked.

While you’re there, get a Neptune-up, have them look at your planetary gear, and check to make sure you don’t have a warp in your drive shaft.

[beavis and butthead]

Huh huh, he said “warped shaft” humm hrr!

[/beavis and butthead]

A high-school senior yesterday walked onto campus with a shotgun and a sidearm. He engaged in a running battle with campus security, injuring over a half-dozen students during the melee. Just the week before, a man fired over a hundred rounds at police officers from his home before the swat team “accidentally” burned his house down with a series of flashbangs. Funny thing those magnesium flares, who would have thought a handful could start a fire?

These problems used to be international issues only a few years ago. All we’d see on the news were dictators in far off countries oppressing their neighbors and tape of asian senate members engaging in fist fights.

I’ve personally seen the recent surge in depression. Young adults everywhere in California are escaping the mind-numbing terrors of the real world with Ecstacy, a drug that boosts your seratonin levels for an instant anti-depressant.

It’s an ugly situation that instead of getting better is rapidly getting worse. There’s a lot of miserable people out there, you don’t have to look around much to see it. Check out sometime, they host over a half-million depressed writers, reading an entry after hitting the random button makes you feel like you’ve been kicked in the teeth.

What’s going wrong?

Boy, it’s really odd that you mention this, because just lately, in my world (yes, the one which revolves around me, me, ME) things have been better than ever.

So I don’t know if the Universe is out of alignment or not, but to me, it has been seeming like it’s finally just getting back into alignment!
PolarField said

What’s going wrong?**

JMO, but I think that too many people are clutching their pain like a life preserver, flatly refusing to let it go. It is well and good to write about our problems, in fact it is one of the best therapies. But then we really need to try to work through the problems, rather than hold onto them and wallow in them until they make us sick.

Flame away if you want to. This is just my opinion, which is based on a very deep well of personal experience.

I thought that was normal!

The problem is that Jupiter is no longer aligned with Mars. The Moon moved out of #7. Check down at the Donaldson’s place; I saw it there last night. All the planets fired Peace as their guide, saying that they would form a total quality team to chart their own course. And the warranty on the stars’ “Love Steering Mechanism” ™ has expired, and the stars are are too cheap to take it in to have that grinding noise in the rack and pinion checked out.

I don’t know for sure that people are getting worse, or the incidence in paranoia, violence, etc. is rising. I do believe that the number of people that are affected by this are behaving more and more in ways that harm others. IE, we still have x% of people who are insane, sick, etc. Before, only y% of them acted upon their urges or feelings or beliefs. Now, y+% are acting out.

Our modern forms of media make us more aware of the riots, school shootings, murders, uprisings, what have you. Go watch the nightly news or do a web search on “violence” or “school shooting” to see what I mean. I remember when the nightly news was 15 minutes long. Now it takes an hour to tell you what happened that day. And they do it on 83 cable channels. Some of them show the news read by an announcer, and run a banner underneath because you still might have some residual capacity to absorb information that they’re not yet using up. What’s next - printing a hard copy for you to read during the commercial?

Some people that are not on an entirely even keel see all of this, and maybe they think “Hey - I can do that too! Why shouldn’t I? What have I got to lose?” And when entertainers, celebrities, and big shots get away with things that ordinary people would never be able to, these people might think that maybe they too will get away with it.

::: kicks the Universe a couple of times :::

There. That should do it.