Is there a ballet message board comparable to this?

Well straightdope is semi-incomparable, so I don’t have my hopes set that high. I simply want to ask ballet people a question or two, and we an’t got no cultured danseusettes here. :smiley:


Depending on your question, you could look in myspace groups and stuff… even groups of silly teenage girls can sometimes know their stuff- especially dancers. If you can stand all the damn pink sparkly crap on regular ballet forums, you’ll probably find answers.

Or you could just ask them here and see if there actually are a few cultured danseusettes hanging around.

Yeah, um, ex-danseusette here. You might just ask?

Thank you very much, but on second thought, I think I’ll pass (and resign myself to continue to live in ignorance). :smack:

Oh c’mon, BarnOwl, now we’re intrigued…

I’m sorry, but I can’t. It’s embarrassing. Honest.