Is there a baseball stat for this?

Most balls hit off the outfield wall in a season, or season by season?

I tried googling but didn’t see anything good. Maybe some real fan knows.

Watching Gary Sheffield up in Fenway on the weekend got me thinking about it (no, I’m not thinking about the “green monster”). Some nasty line-drive hitter like him probably bounces several off the wall in the course of a season.

Such a stat is not tabulated AFAIK. Since stadiums are not of a regular size and shape, the stat would not be very useful.

The fact that the ball hits the wall is not as important as where the batter ends up.

So, you don’t know…anyone else?

Maybe if you ask nicely…

There is no stat like that. For the reasons stated by BobT.

But Bob’s reasons don’t make sense. They keep track of home runs and those are hit in ball parks that vary.

Hitting the ball over the outfield wall in fair territory for a home run has a distinct effect – a free trip around the bases. Hitting it off the wall has no such effect. It’s just a ball in play. I can say with confidence that there is no such stat tracked as this.

The closest you acn get is probably the hit “pictures” which are compiled player by player. The record where ever fair hit ball (out safe) goes. Thes are not recorded by stadium AFAIK though so you’d have to estimate which hit walls.

The only places where I can picture anyone keeping track of players hitting fences would be in Boston or San Francisco. But that would be for scouting purposes mainly. The Red Sox would want to track how often some of their hitters hit balls off the Green Monster. The Giants might want to know how often people hit the right field fence. But that would be to see if a player has a tendency to hit the ball a certain way.

They also keep track of singles, doubles and triples. Home runs are the same thing.

I’ll say no definitively. I’ve been an editor for several baseball encyclopedias, worked for and with most of the major baseball stat providers, and written extensively on the history of baseball and baseball statistics. I have never heard anyone suggest that this was an event that ought to be recorded. Even scouts, who measure all sorts of things on every player, do not note that a ball hit the outfield wall.

As for why, I concur with Raygun99’s explanation.

Thanks for the answers and my apologies to BobT for being snippy. It was uncalled for.

It seems like there is a stat for everything in baseball. Some of them, in my opinion, are far more obscure than balls off the wall. Oh well.

I think it would be interesting if a player had 30 home runs in a season plus twelve off the wall. It’s probably just me. :slight_smile:

Yeah, your best bet would be player-specific scouting reports compiled by each team. They track each players performance to an insane degree (far exceeding the stats publicly available even to us stat-heads).

True story: Bill James once reported that the Atlanta Braves tracked how many seconds each players infield pop-ups stayed in the air. They had some idea that it indicated relative strength or somesuch.

Without any stats to back me up, I would guess the record holder would be Wade Boggs, who must have hit hundreds of balls off the green monster at Fenway.