Is there a baseline we can agree on to keep DJT out of the white house?

…you would have to ask them. And that’s part of the problem. When I’ve raised doubts before about Biden, you tend to get shouted down and I’m not just talking about here. So you just keep your head down.

Its a block that have largely been ignored by the party leadership. The attitude is basically, as you spell out quite clearly in your first baseline item, is that everything else is secondary. Its clear leadership won’t do anything to win those voters over. So it doesn’t matter if they would vote for another Dem leader or not. They won’t do anything to try and get those voters anyway.

Refining the list to see if it helps:

  1. The ONLY thing that matters is preventing DJT from a second term. Anything else is secondary, agreed?
  2. Those that think Trump is a threat to the country (no matter if dems, repubs, independents and everyone else) will vote for anyone on the Democratic ticket who’s is not DJT, agreed?
  3. in 2024, the critical swing voter turnout target is getting younger voters, protecting the right to choose, double haters, and undecideds out to the polls, agreed?
    (This assumes that these demographics will vote in higher % for the dem candidate than DJT)

This, and I’m actively encouraging everyone I know to vote third party, or to skip that part of the ballot. Be wary, because there are dozens of us.

This might be the case, but it remains contentious. Swing voters exist though they tend to be less engaged with the news.

I accept your edited down list, though I opine that the Trump is An Existential Threat to the US’s 240 Year Experiment With Democracy block is under 50%. I don’t know how large it is.

For undecideds, that may not be the case. Higher turnout helps Republicans now.

Interesting read. It’s Biden centric though.

1a. Yes agree with a caveat - It’s very important to get democratic control of congress. I understand that there are some good republicans. But I will never vote for one again. Never. When someone shows you who they are, believe them. Republicans need to clean their own damn house. I’ll help, but stop shitting on the carpet mkay?
2a. If they bother to vote at all.
3a. Yes, agree. But have to say, HOW can anyone be undecided? HOW?