Is there a better way of uploading old photos on Facebook?

This is probably a really dumb question but is there a better way to upload old physical photographs to Facebook than just taking a picture of them with my smartphone?

It’s a pain to not get any glare or shadows on them. I feel like I have to create a mini studio with lights and black fabric to cut down on glare. I see a lot of other people’s photos and they don’t have these artifacts (that I notice). Is everyone else better at this than me, or do I not notice their imperfections because I don’t see the original?

Perhaps they are scanning them and not photographing them?

I have a lot of old family photos that I share with my cousins on Facebook. I scan them.

IE, using something like this:

Although many people have all in one scanners that are printer/copier/fax/scanners. You can do even better than the pictures themselves if you have the negatives, the scanner I linked for example can scan those too.

Yeah, have scanners become obsolete to the current generation already?

I see a surprising number of images posted on Facebook that are clearly just phone pictures of printed photo albums. People are getting so used to immediate gratification from their phones. :slight_smile:

Every so often I go through a picture box and scan a bunch of pictures at once to keep in my “throwback Thursday” folder. Scanning is where it’s at!

If you just have a few, go to Kinko’s. They have some fairly good scanners there to use for a few cents per scan.

If you don’t want to invest in a scanner or use a scanning service, illuminate the photo from the side (something like 45 degree angle to the photo, preferably from 2 sides), and make sure the camera’s flash is turned off.