Is there a "Broca divide"?

The Stargate rerun I’m watching right now mentions a “broca divide”:

Daniel: Sir, would you let me finish please? Okay. Um, the people on the dark side are pre-Stone Age, but the people on the light side are clearly from the Bronze Age. So what better opportunity to study the Broca Divide?
Jack [yawns]: The what?
The Broca Divide. Pierre Paul Broca was a 19th century anthropologist. He founded modern craniometry to study craniums and brains, and to compare the divide in intelligence between early species of mankind.

So what, specifically, is the Broca divide? Is this a particularly significant thing in anthropology?

Never heard of a Broca divide. Googling the term, or ‘Broca’s divide’ turns up nothing on .edu sites. That’s a strong indication that it’s TV episode terminology.
There is a Broca’s area in the brain that’s involved in language. That’s probably where McGuyver’s buddies got the term.

This link:
may also be helpful.

There may be no standard usage of the term “Broca’s Divide,” possibly because there is no modern study of craniometry (certainly not as pursued in the linked material).

I recently acquired a collection of Stephen Jay Gould’s books which included a copy of his 1981 The Mismeasure of Man which discusses in great detail the history and methods of craniometry. A fascinating study in how statistics and “scientific studies” can be manipulated to prove predetermined facts.

I just skimmed through the index and found no mention of the term “Broca’s divide” although there is an entire chapter devoted to Paul Broca and his studies.