Is there a call blocker app (iOS) that can block a series of numbers ?

I have two iPhones with the following numbers ( numbers are made up for illustration)


On both phones I get annoying calls where the caller talks in Spanish and hangs up when I reply in English. The calls on my 745-420-3245 always come from 745-420-XXXX numbers and on my 712-460-6681 the annoying calls are always from 712-460-XXXX numbers. The XXXX numbers are random.

So is there an app or method (preferably free) that lets me block all numbers of the form 712-460-XXXX ? (Except my own )


I think you probably don’t want to do that. It sounds like you’ve got numbers from two standard cell phone NXXs (420, 460), so you’d be likely cutting off a lot of potential calls.

Have you looked at the ‘do not disturb’ feature? I believe you can set that so that only numbers in your phone book will actually ring. Of course, that blocks a lot more calls than the app you’re looking for.

I do exactly want to do that. I have done the risk versus benefit analysis and like I said, I am very sure I want to do this.

Yes I have looked into the “do not disturb” feature and no it does not do what I want done.

Thank you for replying

Every time I get a call from Rachel from Card Services or her new friend it’s always from the same NPA-Nxx as my phone#.

IOW, they have programmed their robo-spoofer to make the calls appear to be from the same NPA-Nxx as whatever number they are calling. It’s a clever way to increase the percentage that get answered.

The OP may be experiencing something similar.

I may not be in the same situation as the OP since I’ve moved away from that NPA years ago. As such I have a stored contact for any and every number in that NPA that I’m ever going to be interested in. Any call from that NPA is either a contact, or it’s Rachel.

I’d love a blocker with wildcard capability like that. Provided it worked only after checking my contacts for a match.

I have created an Contact named “Wrong number”. Every time I get a junk call, I add that number to it. It now has dozens of junk callers and I know not to answer.

iOS has a “block number” feature, so you don’t need to create a special contact for it.

I don’t think you can use it to block a range of numbers. Only numbers that are in your address book or recent calls. There might be a way to sync your address book with a computer and run a program on your computer to create entries for all those numbers, then block them, but I don’t think there’s an obvious one.

I’d like there to be a “Don’t ring for anyone not in my contacts” option, but I haven’t found it yet. Do Not Disturb could do this, but then I couldn’t also use it for “silence everything when I’m asleep”.