Is there a cockroach in my house somewhere?

Like pretty much any house, we see random arthropods from time to time: the occasional spider, or strawberry root weevil, sometimes something else.

However, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a cockroach inside our house. We keep a pretty clean kitchen, but still, there must be cooking smells and garbage smells that waft out through the same cracks those spiders and weevils are using to come in. So why don’t we get cockroaches wandering in once in a while?

You have here a non story. Roache love food. You don’t provide any. So your chances of having them is low. You don’t say where you live. If you lived in the deep South, you would have a stray wondering in. Also, newer homes are built much tighter and allow fewer strays except those that follow you in the door.

Don’t worry; be happy.

The most common household cockroach species, the German and oriental cockroaches are effectively flightless. They have to be moved by people, so all the smells in the world will have no effect on them. The flying species aren’t attracted to odours, they are “attracted” to light the same way that moths are, and absent light their flight is essentially a random walk. So once again, smells won’t have any effect.

In houses with insect screens it’s damn hard for flying roaches to gain entry. German and oriental roaches aren’t going to get in unless you bring them in. The most common way to do is through old goods such as second hand furniture or book. If you don’t buy second hand goods you are unlikely to ever get a roach infestation.

If you haven’t seen them at all, especially in the kitchen or bathroom, you probably don’t have them. Yes, they hide behind walls and floors, but they aren’t invisible. You see one scurry back under the sink when you turn the kitchen light on, or you see one ducking behind the toilet where it’s dark and moist.

One of the easiest ways of getting them is through boxes. So if you shop at grocers and take your food home in boxes, you should never keep the boxes. After you get home, throw the boxes out ASAP.

Another good way to get them is in gyms. If you have a backpack and put it in the locker and then go work out, they can be transported that way.