Is there a computer program that reveals info on a website, similar to viewing source

I’m looking for a program that shows you the information on a website… basically the hidden language. I use the web developer toolbar for firefox but I want something a bit more thorough.
I’m trying to find something that will let you know things such as where the site is directing you to upon clicking on a link, directories of images, the date updated, and who the information is sent to when you fill out and submit a form.

Anyone have any ideas of a program like this or something similar?

This information is contained in the link itself. If the link activates a Javascript function, you’ll have to look at the Javascript and figure out what it’s doing. If the link results in a server redirect, you can examine the HTTP headers (using something like the LiveHTTPHeaders plugin.)

This information will only be available if the server admin has enabled indexes for directories.

Some servers send a Last-Modified header which can be seen using the LiveHTTPHeaders extension. This basically gets you the filesystem mtime for static content; for dynamic content the header will be omitted or it will contain useless information.

There’s no way to know this without access to the server-side code. In any case, most form submissions get stuck in a database rather than sent to a particular person.