Is there a dark mode?

Some sites have a dark mode option, does the new software have this? If not, no big deal. Thanks.

OK, I found it, but I cannot find it again for when the inevitable question comes asking how I found it…
But I’m in dark mode now, and I like it.

Well dammit, I came here to ask how you found it!

Click on your user icon in the top right of the page and then preferences iirc.

User icon/Bookmark/Preferences/Interface

I think it’s the Vincent theme

If you click on your user symbol (the thing in the top right with a letter/picture - I don’t know if there’s an actual name for it), then on your name it takes you to your profile. Then click on preferences, and on interface. There’s a number of themes there - personally I’m using something called “Material Design Theme”, which is a nice grey that limits retina-burn.

Ah … my first time being ninja’d on the new board.

Found it. And yep, it was annoying to find. Account then preferences then interface then dark then swear your loyalty to cthulhu in blood then…something

Also there is a ‘dark option’. There are a few choices so Id try em all.

For me, the Discourse-classic works best, because it’s a bit easier to see the boundary between messages.