Is there a decent recent multiplayer PC RTS which I can play against a friend?

He plays Wow and knows that it’s really not very good anymore, but wants to talk to his guild friends. I cannot get him to even install another game (such as Subnautica and Prey) because there is no social aspect. I’m not going to play Wow anymore, the last expansion was so awful I’ll never play it again. One of the good times in gaming was playing against him on Coc/RA back around 2001 over a modem, and he remembers that, and it would be nice to keep in touch playing this sort of game.

He is also not great at WoW in various ways. He’s the wipe in the raid, first down in most pulls. I remember playing Pvp back in classic in Gadgetzan with my level 35 rogue beating his level 55 mage easily (I’m by no means good at Pvp, I don’t play it). I think I also killed him with my level 29 shadow priest but it was much closer.

As for Coc/RA remaster, it’s pretty awful. Well, I cannot even state that. I’ve not got it to work, it doesn’t even launch (though it thinks it has and is running). It’s looking like heading towards a refund this evening…