Is there a doctor (or a nurse... or similar) in the house?

(Please excuse me if this is in the wrong place.)

I have mild asthma, so mild that my allergist recently dropped my dosage of Pulmicort. I took a couple of breathing tests recently and my lung capacity is A-OK. I can inhale deeply without wheezing, but…

My windpipe feels tight and uncomfortable. (Not like a sore throat.) I can breathe, but I’m often aware that I’m breathing. I take a lot of deep breaths. Albuterol doesn’t help. I’m getting air. It just feels weird.

I’ve also been on some antibiotics (metronidazole) for several weeks. (Just stopped today.) Could this sensation be a side effect that will clear itself up in time?

Does it sound like I need to check in with my allergist or should I wait it out a while longer?