Is there a GOOD air freshener for cars?

I mean, is there one that actually lasts more than one damn week? I’ve tried the little tree thingies, the Cool Foot, the under-seat pads and Can-O-Scent, and Ozium. I might as well rip up my money and throw it around the car like confetti. Maybe then it would at least smell like…well, money.

Seriously, is there something else I could try or mix up at home that would work better?

Is there something specific making your car smell bad? Maybe you’d have better luck if you could address a particular odor problem at the source. Just airing the car out well might help, for example.

I can’t stand the smell of air fresheners, personally. Although “stale french fry” isn’t all that hot either.

I like “car jars” from Yankee Candle, to the point that I brought a bunch with me when we moved overseas. I have a “Sage & Citrus” one in my car right now and the scent is still very strong after a month of use.

I agree with C3…I was going to post the same thing. The “car jars”, which look like the regular car scents that you hang from the rear view mirror, work best if you gradually remove the celophane—cut it away about 1/2" each week.

Get a pounch of zeolite from your local pet or hardward store. This stuff works amazingly well and lasts forever.

I have posted this so much my fingers bleed. Any smelly thing can be cured by zeolite. We used it in a house where a guy died on a hotJuly Friday afternoon and wasn’t found till Monday morning. If zeolite can handle that one, it can handle any odor problem.

I leave a naturally scented candle in a “to-go” tin from this site under one of the seats. It melts slightly in the heat and leaves a yummy fresh smell, but it’s not overpowering, and one $12 candle has lasted me more than a year.

If there’s an actual foul odor, try sprinkling baking soda on your upholstry and under the seats. Let it sit for 15 minutes, then vacuum it up. You could also leave a salt shaker full of baking soda under the seat - just wedge it in so it doesn’t spill.

There’s nothing in particular that’s causing an odor. No dogs, no fast food wrappers, etc. It just gets sort of musty and the heat of the day doesn’t help.
I will try those alternatives. Thanks!

The September 2004 issue of Popular Mechanics has an article on deodorizing a car interior. (I was in the barbershop this morning.)

If it isn’t going to rain today, why do you leave all the windows 100% up when the car’s parked?

Drop each window 1/4" every time you park and you’ll be amazed how much less the car smells closed-up. Nobody uses a coat-hanger to snag that golf-tee-shaped doorlock pull anymore, so it’s not like you’re materially changing the likelihood of getting your car or contents damaged or stolen.

If you’re brave, or have a crappy car, or live & work in a decent area, (or like me, have all 3 of those), then leave the windows down 2 inches or so. Not enough that an adult can get their whole arm in there to reach the door handle, but enough to give you some real circulation with the passing breeze.

it’ll also be a LOT cooler in there in the summer. Which reduces the chemical aroma that comes from baking the solvents out of the plastics at 120-150 degrees every day in the summer.

Far better than spraying “perfume” in there, which are really noxious chemicals that temporarily disable your nose’s receptors, fooling you in to thinking the air is “fresh”.