Is there a good reason for NOT legalizing marijuana?

I can’t think of one. Not trying to start an argument or debate. It’s a serious question.

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The one person I know who sorta thinks like that is schizophrenic, not a dope fiend.
Answering the OP: nope.

Yea, I’m gonna go with nope too. Just my gut instinct.

I’ll throw this out, just to keep the conversation lively. Other than the fact that alcohol is legal (although regulated) what’s the justification for legalizing drugs? In fact, given the cost of alcohol abuse to society, maybe it would be more constructive to talk about banning alcohol, rather than legalizing dope.

Define legalize…

like chewing gum? Children can buy it?
like beer? Only adults can buy it, and adults can make their own?
like cigarettes? Only adults can buy it, and they’re not allowed to grow their own?
like cars? Anybody can buy it, anybody can use it at home, but only adults can use it outside their own property?
like codeine? Only adults can buy it, but only with a prescription, and even then, they can buy it for kids if they get a prescription for it?

Legalizing marijuana will almost certainly result in more people using it, and some people using it more frequently than they would if it were illegal. Some of these people will also use it frequently or inappropriately enough to create problems in their lives.

Marijuana causes complacency which may reduce the GNP. It also frequently leads to cigarettes which are apparently much more addictive and deadly.

Free people having a right to make decisions for themselves is sometimes considered a good thing.

Just as an example according to Tony Doukoupil on today’s Fresh Air “sin companies” ( tobacco, booze ) generate ~80% of their profits from “heavy users.” Putting aside any questions of the accuracy of that figure, I have no doubt that with widespread legalization and subsequent corporate interest ( which I suspect is inevitable in such a scenario ) it will in fact be in said corporation’s best financial interest to advertise heavily to increase use. You can put all the drink responsibly disclaimers you want in your advertising, but there is no doubt in my mind that rates of addiction will increase as a result.

I still support legalization, as logically MJ seems less destructive than already legal alternatives like booze. But let’s not pretend there won’t be some negative social consequences from increased usage. There surely will be.

ETA: Of course, given my response, the answer to the actual question is not IMHO. Just pointing out it won’t be all rainbows and puppy dogs. They’ll be a few leprous armadillos thrown in the mix as well.

Is that a real thing?

Domino’s Pizza is busy enough as it is.

“The freedom to choose is a Good, independent of the wisdom of what is chosen.” - John Stuart Mill

To play devil’s advocate, we already have problems with booze, gambling, smoking, etc. Yes, marijuana will be there even if illegal, but if we keep it illegal (even while knowing that many people are using it) we are taking a strong stand that we will not let this one more thing creep into society, where today’s “tax for education” becomes tomorrow’s necessity for the state to function. It’s one thing to have your buddy pick up a dime bag for you. A whole other thing to go to the state run marijuana store and stand in line behind a bunch of college students.

Ten years from now we will need to legalize cocaine and murder for hire so we can “tax for education” those things to keep up with the next state. Race to the bottom and all of that.

This may sound completely, utterly, horribly bizarre, but…I sometimes wonder how it will hit the economy. Not the mainstream Good Law Abiding economy, but the ugly underbelly economy. The inner city, there are no jobs here economy. For some percentage of people, dealing weed (and other things) is, or is believed to be, the best way to make a living. What’s going to happen when we make their livelihood suddenly less lively because people are openly growing in their backyard, or buying Marlbudo spliffs? More jobs won’t magically appear there to fulfill the suddenly un- or underemployed drug dealers.

Weed can cause extreme paranoia. I should know, stopped smoking the stuff and now I’m right as rain. Before I stopped, not so good. Not saying it does this to everyone, as it obviously doesn’t, but it can.

I smoked MJ for 25 years, I quit when I was about 40. Today I may smoke on occassion a few times a year. Besides being horrible on your lungs, it has very negative affects on a young persons ability to learn, It is very dangerous to operate any kind of pwer tool while under the influence or even peel potatos for that matter. It may not be physicaly addictive but it is extremely habit forming. Husbands and wives will procrastinate more around the house instead of doing thinsg they should be doing. It is a fucked up drug if used daily, if used responsibly it is not bad at all.

The growth in mental health issues that would probably follow.

You can grow your own tobacco, at least in the US.

We tried that, about a century ago. It went poorly.