Is there a hardcover printing of Bujold's _Brothers In Arms_?

I’ve been collecting and reading the Hugo winning novels and I have reached a woman who has become the bane of my existence: Lois McMaster Bujold. It’s not enough that she’s won four times (twice in a row, no less!), but all of her wins are for middle books in series. I’ve grown certain that it’s part of a complex scheme to drive up her book sales and eventually take over the world.

So now I’m hunting for her books and because for my collection I’m trying to get them in hard cover. I’ve found and gotten all of them ordered except for Brothers In Arms (Barrayar was especially nasty since I could only find some very rare editions of it in hard cover). As far as I can tell Brothers In Arms has never had a hardcover edition. It has been collected in an omnibus but that omnibus was never printed in hardcover. This is especially annoying since it apparently ties directly into Mirror Dance, one of her winners.

Still, my research could be wrong and I know that Bujold has fans on this board. Are any of you aware of a hard cover edition of Brothers In Arms?

I can’t help you with your specific query, but if you’ve never read Bujold before, you’re in for a real treat.

Never, and I’ve found myself now in the position of getting about 80% of her total output.

Again, I’m certain there’s a conspiracy here…

Not a clue, but join us on the Bujold mailing list and ask for yourself. You might try Uncle Hugo’s i damn well guarantee they will know if anybody does. Lois goes in there all the time [handy as she happens to live in minneapolis=)]