Is there a link between the Wahabism sect of Islam and the Bush administration?

Do you think that there is a link between the Wahabist Muslim extremists that are currently in charge of the government in Saudi Arabia and the Bush administration? I mean, from what I hear in the news, Bush and the Saudi leaders are pretty close. I want to know your opinions on this. My father thinks that there is a close link and that there is a conspiracy between them to bring back religious fundamentalism into the world and spread it around so that every religion is deeply entrenched in it.:dubious: Please tell me what you think of this idea.

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I’ve known several fundamentalists, and let me tell you, all of them would rather you be an atheist than be a member of a fundamentalist sect different than theirs. Believe you me, there’s no way fundies from different religions could ever work together.

Plus, the Wahabies aren’t running SA - they’re tolerated by the Sauds, who are running it (and are notoriously non-religious).

the Sauds are notoriouly non-religious? really??:dubious:

Gotta go with Alessan on this one. Saying that Shrub’s fundamentalist loons and the Wahhabists are “cooperating” is like saying that a cat, dog and rooster all tied up in the same canvas sack are “cooperating.”

I agree with Alessan’s first paragraph. I think the Sauds do a little more than just tolerate Wahabism, though. Especially since it is the source of much of their power.

Fundamentalists are not so different from one another in fact… they do of course “hate” one another… but Newsweek a year or so ago put an interesting text about it. Basically pre 9/11 in some fundamentalist get together… many fundamentalists from different religions met and were shocked by their similiarities rather than differences. Much of it about the role religion should play in daily life and the submission of women…

I totally agree with that. Fundamentalists are very often more similar than they are different…

I think it’s nuts.

While “fundamentalists” may appear to at least superficially share certain philosophically similar ways of looking at the world, the gulf between Wahabism and the American brand of Conservative Evangelical Protestantism is pretty vast when you get right down to it.

For all that I’m not an immense fan of either clan, I don’t think either the Bushes or the al-Saud family have any such sinister, grandiose agendas. They are vastly more concerned with more concrete geopolitical issues, I’m sure, which in the case of the al-Saud’s involves simple survival ( which is threatened by the extremists ) more than anything else.

As to the al-Saud’s religiosity as a group, it actually varies enormously. Some are pretty darn pious. It’s an enormous extended family, afterall, running into the multiple thousands. But on a whole they tend to be among the most “westernized” ( not always in a good way ) segment of SA society.

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