Is there a list of waterfalls by volume/width AND height?

I’ve always thought that the size of a waterfalls “grandeur”, to coin a phrase, was a product of both height and volume per second and/or width. But all waterfall lists I’ve found online only list one or the other.

If I wanted to compile the largest in both of these categories (height * volume and height * width), I could simply look at lists of the highest and widest and then find out the other datum indepently through a web search. But I could theoretically be missing waterfalls that were not in the top 10 in either category but when multiplied are still impressive.

Heck, I thought I was on to something when I stumbled upon . It even had a downloadable KML file but upon inspection it also only has one or the other, not both :confused:

On the World Waterfall Database,

you can find lists by height, (under Tallest), width, and volume, (under Largest). Compiling them into a single list would require your effort, of course.

Try finding a copy of the World Almanac & Book of Facts. It used to have such lists in it.