is there a May/December personals service?

Do they exist? I’m looking for a personals service that caters to Older people looking for younger people, and vice-versa.

I’ve never heard of one, but then I haven’t looked for one. Wouldn’t a regular one with constraints on the search work?

how old/ young are we talking about?


I don’t think so. Even if one existed online, it would be such a niche that its membership is probably very limited.

My advice: go with or Yahoo! personals. On large online dating-related Web sites, I found that women in their early to mid 40s tend to have a much broader age range for a desired match than women who are younger. A woman who is 30 might have a preferred age range of 29 to 35, while a 45 year old woman will have a preferred age range of 37 to 50. The age range seems to narrow again, though, for women in their late 40s and older; I’d attribute it to the values and mores of a different generation.

Based on what I’ve seen discussed on various message boards, there’s a bit of a double standard with the perception of age difference in the online dating world. Men who are seeking women that are more than eight or ten years younger are often considered old men shootingout of their league; women that are seeking men who are a decade or so younger are considered hot MILFs.