Is there a name for this style of animation?

Examples include the opening sequence/credits of Catch Me If You Can and the closing credits of The Incredibles. The style seems 60s-ish and sort of “Shag-like.”

Any help?

Mod? I noticed at Disneyland’s 50th, a lot of the ride posters from the 60’s and 70’s that were reproduced on banners in the park and in the traditional place under the rail tunnels at the main entrance, resembled these. Solid blocks of color, stylized design, garish yet harmonized color schemes. Good question!

I am thinking of this for example. It was common to a whole series of ride posters at the time. Genius really, as the images romanticized the ride without giving anything away. They used the style for many years.

And if I were to hazard a guess, it evolved from the simplified style of the 50’s exemplified by this, a common artistic vernacular that suffused the graphic art of that ancient time. It is just a more of a liberated 60’s take on that style. Sorry to use Disney for two examples, but that is what I am familiar with :smiley:

And to trace it back one step further, the 50’s style owed a lot to this guy who showed that people would accept abstract imagery, so that even this guy has a litlle Picasso in his visual genetic makeup.

As to what all this is called, I would also like to know! Op art! Pop? Somebody must know. At this point in culture, art is defying terms. What will they call this? Sometimes things are just unique!