Is there a name for this Urban Sprawl structure?

Is there a generic name for the shopping centers / strip malls / shopping plazas that are [essentially] built INTO a parking deck?

I’ve seen a few that are two levels, a “big box” discounter installs itself on the bottom level, and provides it’s parking on the same level with it. The “roof” of the discounter is another parking level, and other shops are on top with it.

There is even one, that does this, but is on four levels. This variant comes omplete with a escalator with a lane just for shopping carts.

Not common enough to have a shorthand name. Most planners would just call it “retail (or a power center) integrated with structured parking.”

As the big boxes have moved into urban markets over the last decade, they’ve had to become more creative about site planning. They can’t just specify “standard tilt-up store model 8 (left-hand pharmacy) on rectangular parcel” the way they do in new suburbs. My neighborhood Target is three levels with a cartalator.