Is there a negative world underlying our positive ?

I have recently looked at an article in the * New Scientist * newsletter I recieve in my email and it was exploring the * negative world * … (dont qoute me on this) A positive atom nucleous was held in a case (dont know the scientific term) and the rays formed a non existing, negative atom nucleous as if the vertical centre line was a mirror … the funny thing was, that the negative atom nucleous was weightless and ceased to exist although it could be seen… A good example of this is when you see yourself in a mirror, there are now two of you , but the mirror image doesnt exist (so you think; you are merely an image yourself, people see you… so how do you know your mirror image isnt real,… its as real as they come)

I know too well that where there is positive there is negative … so I have come to the conclusion that there could well be two worlds living on this planet, but the theorys and gravity as we know it would all be reversed, laws and all, reversed to become our negative, instead of us counting using positives, they would count negatives, although they wouldnt write it using negative signs for lazy bums like us… could we well be the negative world?

NASA and other tech advancing companys are creating nonexistant atoms purposefully for new state of the art high tec computer chipsets… for example, you have a DDR-SDRAM card ** (double data rate synchronous data random access memory card) ** and using this tech. you would co- inheritely create another one, which could be used temporarily or permanently to work simultaneously and as afficiently (sp?) as the existing card… without needing the storage space… as if to tell the mirror image of yourself to think about a maths problem at the same time as you, without the images thoughts being real but rather sending the info back to you …

Please correct me if im wrong , if you know or have hear about this.,. i am deeply intrigued.(sp?)


Another thing,

Would time as we know it progress backwards in the negative world? From death to birth to nothingness…

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Another thought,

Is a ghost a phenomenon;(sp?) of the negative world somehow glitching with our positive…?
Come on people. You must all have beliefs of what ghosts could be, REAL or FAKE. etc…

I wont say good bye because I am sure that ill be adding to this thread.

IMATION, I find your thread thought-provoking. Only wish I knew more about quantum physics and such so as to be able to say something really profound, here.

As for time…
Let’s say there was a “negative” world, made from matter composed of particles that are, oh say, oppositely charged. I don’t think time is relevant at the particle level, except with regard to ionic decay, so a “negative” world should still have the same direction of “Time’s Arrow” as a positive world. Definitely a WAG – come on, people! Let’s toss some theories and ideas around here.

Ice wolf… that is true… time would go forward to them… but naturalism aside to what our brains comprehend… forward to them may be our opposite… !? just a thought
I had a discussion with a friend of mine about ability attributes dedicated to humans, animals etc…

I can safely say that there is not one creature on Earth that doesnt have an ‘archilles heel’. ( A Weak Point )

As a turtle has a good hard shell for defence, it is slow.

A human may be a great sportsman, but will be very bad at an academic field. And average humans will still have the same number of attributes, but spread evenly over more fields. Hence, my point arises, where there is positive, there is also negative. This saying shouldnt always be taken literally.



In the midst of my tiny brain lies a file labelled “What I think time means”. Like I said, I haven’t a degree to my name, but I read.

In the positive world (ours), we follow the laws of thermodynamics. Heat to cold, order to chaos, etc. (physics grads know the full stuff about the 3 laws). Everything in the positive world (hang on, let’s get big. Let’s talk about universe, because how can an effect such as you describe be simply a localised pattern?) goes to chaos, towards the state of entropy.

(Man, I’m really out on a limb here). If a “negative” universe has opposite effects, and goes, say, from chaos to order, then maybe the two streams of time and space would run past each other.

I’m sorry. I like this kind of “what if”. Used to do it in school, and I do it as a hobby when writing stories now. Hope this stays on the first page long enough for some real answers, IMATION.

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I suppose its a matter of where to draw the line …

sure there may be negative activity (god/satan)(up/down)(birth/death), but i am sure they would not condem the human body as we know it to turn inside out…( like a puppet bieng turned inside out) yuk…,
or people to walk upside down ( to us ), although. that cancels out the theory, bacause a rule must apply to everything. or it is no longer a rule… it must be 100% reinforced… and if it is not… then there is no sufficiant evidence to support the rules standing/existance.?

So I have just walked around in a circle… As you said, we need someone with the full idea, because my untrained mind cannot deal with too much phontum qusics?!?



Won’t this “mirror” memory chip have to have the same information stored in it as the original? If I hold a blank piece of paper up to a mirror, I can’t write different things on the real paper and on the mirrored paper.

Just a guess, but maybe you’re talking about anti-matter? If so, I’m pretty sure that the 4 interactions affect antimatter the same way they affect matter. You also don’t want to be bringing antimatter and matter together.

From what I can garner from the OP, what’s being discussed here is not negative particles, but image particles. There is absolutely nothing “opposite” about image particles, they’re just something that looks like it’s someplace it’s not. A common classical (non-quantum) example of this sort of thing is a point charge held some difference from a conducting sheet: The electric field from the arrangement looks just like it would if there were another charge on the other side of the sheet, even though there’s not. This can make calculations of the field in such cases immensely easier, but it doesn’t have any physical reality.

On the quantum level, there’s apparently the hope that similar effects could be used to get a signal from one part of a chip to another, but that’s still very much in the just-barely-prototype stage.

As to a hypothetical world where everything’s reversed, it’s not possible. Consider the negative numbers, for example: If folks counted using negative numbers instead of positive, there’d be no problem… As long as they were just doing addition and subtraction. Multiplication wouldn’t look the same, though: If I take one times one, I get the same thing back (one). If I take negative one times negative one, though, I don’t get negative one.

There is such a thing as antimatter, but for reasons not fully understood, it’s very rare in our Universe, and it follows the same laws of physics: Time runs the same way for antimatter as it does for matter, and an antiparticle has the same (positive) mass as its normal equivalent.

I thought the whole idea of charge-parity-time symmetry was that the charge, handedness, and time were reversed for anti-matter. That is, an anti-electron or positron was a mirror image of an electron with opposite charge and with its time arrow reversed.