Is there a nutritionist in the house?

I had surgery on Monday for my throat. It hurt alot. Still does. So I stopped eating. The doctor actually said that as long as I kept hydrated, not eating for a couple of weeks wouldn’t really hurt me.

Anyway, stopping eating was probably a good thing because I had gone from about 50 pounds overweight to about 60 pounds in anticipation of the surgery (read: anxiety).

So, for about 3 days I forced down about 1/4 cup of yogurt in the AM and PM so my antibiotics were not hitting an empty stomach.

Well, I’ve been feeling a bit better, but still haven’t been eating a lot. Maybe went from 100 calories a day, to about 200 on Thursday and Friday, and 400 on Saturday.

Monday: had zero calories
Tuesday: lost 4 lbs, consumed 100 calories
Wednesday: lost 4 lbs, consumed 100 calories
Thursday: lost 3 lbs, consumed 200 calories
Friday: lost 2 lbs, consumed 200 calories
Saturday: lost 1 lb, consumed 400 calories
Sunday: No weight loss, consumption t.b.a.

Now, I thought human weight was the simplest of all equations…if consume more calories than you burn, you gain weight, if you consume less calories than you burn, then you loose weight.

Can this possibly mean that someone who is 45 lbs overwieght burn only 400 calories a day? Yes, I know your metabolism slows down if you go into “starvation mode,” but to 400 calories a day?

Anyone have any insights?

IANAN - but you normally need at least 1200 calories a day for basal metabolism. Your doctor said not to eat for a couple of days, but it’s been more than a couple of days now. Eating yogurt is a good idea, since this will replenish the good bacteria that the antibiotics may have killed. Even on a starvation diet, I’d think you’d need more than 400 Calories - at least 800. Losing so much weight in such a short time is not a good idea. It’s time to start eating again.

The human body will cannibalize itself if it gets no other food. See if you can’t suck down a couple milkshakes with fruit and vegetables blended in.

A week without food in an otherwise healthy adult will most likely cause no lasting harm.

However - you haven’t been ENTIRELY without food - just eating extremely small amounts.

I’d agree, though, that it’s time to start adding more stuff. Try fruit smoothies or something simillar. When I have a sore throat frozen melon balls are nice (watermelon, honeydew, cantaloup, etc.) Vegee juice might be a good thing, too, but stay away from acidic stuff at first. Add things slowly - your system doesn’t need any shocks right now.


You have no idea how painful this is. When I have extra salavia build up in my mouth, it hurts to swallow it down. The very thought of putting food in there too <shudder>. I realize what I’m doing is trying to make this experience bearable for myself by looking at the bright side of loosing weight in the process.

I’ve started reaching for those breakfast shake things – I figure they have enough vitamins and such for dieters to skip a meal, so they should do well for me.

Pencil - I grew up stricken with throat problems so I feel your pain (if not in lesser, shorter degrees). If you can handle it, use a popsicle of some kind to numb your throat for a little bit before swallowing something down, even a shake. Or if you have a shake, try to not let it warm up in your mouth before letting it go over your throat. Might help a little.

A breakfast shake can have 300 calories, if you can get 4 of those down you’re getting enough. If you are overweight, having fewer than 1000-1500 calories won’t harm you over a few days, but you don;t want to get dehydrated.

I’ve always found that drinking warm or tepid liquids was better for a sore throat than ice cold (which is what you tend to think you want when you wake up with a sore throat and a raging thirst).

I’ll admit right now that I have no hard evidence for it, but it’s my impression from experience that sore throats due to infections clear up quicker if you avoid chilled liquids; I feel that cooling throat may slightly diminish the flow of blood to the area and hinder the immune processes.

The above might not be too helpful in the case of surgery though; it depends what is causing the pain…

Fat contains 6 calories per gram, so say you need an extra 1200 calories per day - that’s still only 200g, or less than half a pound, of fat being burnt.

It’s my guess that day-to-day fluctuations in water retention etc are more than enough to mask the weight loss due to fat being burnt.

In any case, I don’t think you need to worry about not eating properly for a week or two. Last year I had trouble with my stomach and totally lost my appetite for a couple of weeks - I’d eat maybe one slice of bread and a glass of milk, or a banana. I lost about a stone but had no other ill-effects. Interestingly though, since then I’ve found that I get “full” quicker than I used to. Maybe my stomach shrank or something?

It’s actually 9 calories per gram. Sugar and protein each contain 4 calories per gram. And more correct, it is Calories, with a capital “C” since it represents a kilocalorie.

Yes, sorry, my mistake. So that means that half a pound of fat will provide nearly 2000 calories - easily enough to live on for a day if you’re not doing much exercise. You should probably try and get some vitamins and minerals, though.